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One-to-one online coaching from a professional running coach

Professional Running Coaches

We are a team of two dedicated and passionate running coaches with over 40 years of combined experience. We provide runners of all levels with the same level of service received by elite and professional athletes. Between us we can design the perfect, bespoke training plan for you, whatever your goals, whatever your current ability, and whatever your lifestyle. We have worked with people who are new to the sport, Olympic athletes, and everyone in between. Whether your aim is to simply enjoy your running or to prepare for your next big race, we are here to help.

We believe that the drive behind every great performance is the coach-athlete partnership. It’s not only the program itself (although that should be good too of course), but how the athlete and coach work together. We like to think of it like climbing a mountain: the top of the mountain is your personal peak, the best you can be as a runner. You can think of us as your mountain guides, by your side during your journey to the peak of your mountain. Not every runner takes the same route and there will be obstacles on your way, but as coaches we know the best routes to the top and we are here to guide you.

Both athlete and coach learn on the way, but they have to continuously communicate to be able to find the best route and to deal with the issues on the way. That is why for us, communication is the key to improvement and why we as coaches are always fully available for our athletes. Unlimited communication, here for you whenever you need us. That is the level of service that professional athletes receive from their coaches and that is the level of service we strive to provide for runners of all abilities. We believe that is the only way to make you the best runner you can be.


We work with you to build a plan to achieve your goals. The training program is just the tip of the iceberg; beneath the program is a strategy.


Real time, one-to-one support from a professional running coach. We are here to answer questions, motivate and encourage.


We know that success doesn’t always mean winning races. What ever success means to you, we can help you get there.

Meet The Coaches

Hugo van den Broek

Hugo is an ex-professional marathon runner with a time of 2h12 to his name. He is now a professional coach who specialises in distances from 5km – Marathon.

Callum Jones

Callum is middle – long distance specialist who competes and coaches on the track, road and cross-country. He approaches training with a technical and logical mindset.