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Marathon Race Day – Tips from a Professional

Marathon race day is fast approaching, you have done the hard training, you have read our Marathon Race Week Tips, you’re prepared, focused and ready to give it your all. Now attention turns to race day itself, what can you do to ensure you have the best race possible? Ex-professional marathon runner and now professional…

Marathon Race Week – Tips From a Professional

Coach Hugo van den Broek, ex-professional marathon runner and now world class marathon coach, presents his key pieces of race week advice to help runners of all levels maximise their race day performance.

Why Runners Should Lift Weights

of weight training for distance runners – should distance runners lift weights? If so, how often, how heavy, and how should it be incorporated into the overall program?

Achieving Consistency in Training

Runners of all levels are constantly told that ‘consistency is key’. As a coach and athlete I am not adverse to this phrase, in fact, it is something I frequently remind myself of, both when it comes to my own training and the training of the athletes I am coaching. However, there seems to be…

The Art of Relaxed Running

This blog talks about the importance of staying relaxed during endurance running and how you can achieve this in your training.

Recovery Running: What’s the Point?

This blog discusses the reasons why recovery running is an important part of any athlete’s training program and reflects on insights that the author noticed during a training camp in Iten, Kenya.

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