Marathon Training Programs

Helping you Run your best marathon

Here you will find our FREE marathon training programs.

Running a marathon is a major goal for many endurance runners. The trouble is, once you run one, all you want to do is run it again, but faster… These programs will help you run your best marathon by introducing you to key marathon training sessions at the right time, so you can stand on the start-line feeling confident and ready to race.

These programs consist of what we believe to be key sessions for most marathon runners, along with the right amount of overall mileage. However, you can of course adjust the workouts and amount of mileage as you see fit.

As with all our programs, we highly recommend reading our Training Program Notes before getting started

10 Week Base Training Programs For Marathon Runners

These Base Training Programs are designed to prepare your body (and mind) for the harder specific workouts that you will encounter in the Race Preparation phase. You can read more about base training in the Program Notes.

10 Week Race Preparation Programs For Marathon Runners

These Race Preparation programs are designed to challenge you in the same way you will be challenged on race day by introducing some longer workouts at your marathon race pace, including more challenging long-runs and longer tempo runs.

Personalised Training Programs & One-to-One Coaching

Looking for a personal online running coach? Someone who will:

  • Motivate you
  • Design you a personalised training program that is specific to your goals, training history and daily commitments
  • Help you plan your races and training cycles
  • Be contactable at any time to offer advice and feedback
  • Answer any questions you have about your training/racing
  • Help you with all aspects of your training, including strength & conditioning, gym training, diet, mental aspects of training, race day performance and anything else that will help you become a better runner

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